Think of this small community space as a typical office. It is shared with others! If you're the only one there, feel free to talk away and lead meetings. When others are present, please be mindful of their work. Take longer and more talkative meetings in the first-come-first-serve phone booth OR reserve the bookable phone booth or conference room.
Thank you!

The lovely center of the space! Think of this as a community kitchen. If you use a dish, wash the dish. If something spills, please clean it up. Please don't leave old food in the fridge. Coffee bags are available for purchase through our booking site. If there is an open bag of Bluestar at the espresso machine, you may use it to make a coffee. If there is not an open bag, please purchase one. Only Bluestar is to be used in the espresso machine. However, the Aero Press, hot water kettle, and standard coffee machine are up for your use as needed! 

Please don't water the plants, they're on a schedule. Thank you!

Our main goal is to keep a healthy space for healthy people so we can all keep doing our jobs!

If you are feeling under the weather IN ANY WAY, please do not come to Workable that day. If you pre-booked a pass and would like to reschedule, just email us and we can update the date for you!

As of March 12, 2022 we are no longer requiring masks within the space. If you would like to wear one, please feel free! We are still asking that all users please wipe down all used surfaces to ensure a clean environment for all members. We appreciate your help and contribution to a clean work space for everyone!

office policies